Working my way out of cocoon into becoming a Butterfly

I always loved butterflies and today I have an understanding why I love them so much. After discovering the process of a butterfly it gave me the understanding with where I was in my life and “who I am” today. I will explain for those of you who may not  know the process of a butterfly before it actually becomes a butterfly. So, before a caterpillar becomes a butterfly it prepares its cocoon as if it were dying, But what the caterpillar thinks is the end of its life, its actually “The Beginning”. It then sheds its skin which forms a chrysalis cocoon and goes inward for a few days. (Though for us in the process of life before discovering “Who we are”, (depending where you are in your life with yourself), it can take weeks, months or years). This process continues with it becoming a liquid (digestive soup). This liquid then chooses parts of the caterpillar to hold onto and kills the rest then creates new butterfly tissue. The butterfly then has to fight hard to get out of a the chrysalis (interesting thing is that if someone tries to help it during this process it dies). Its this process of fighting hard to get out that it gives the butterfly its strength and development that it needs to actually survive. Its then ready to learn to walk and fly. After learning about the process it takes before it becomes a Beautiful Butterfly, it was then I was able to say “I have been living as caterpillar, formed my cocoon, and have been in a puddle where I’m now fighting my way through (trials, circumstances all that life brings) learning and discovering more everyday of “Who I am”, I climbed out of what was holding me back, let go of what was not serving or supporting me, and now I’m able to fly, exploring all the beautiful new things life is bringing me. I’m enjoying every minute and embracing all the blessings in my life.  I would like to encourage you to discover where are you in your life? Are you a caterpillar knowing that its time to change and do something new? Are you paddling around in the puddle of the person you were trying to discover the person you were created to be? Or are you a butterfly thriving and soaring to new heights? For me… it seemed like I was waiting for affirmation on what to do next, looking at what lied before me, all the hard work, pushing and pressing through, knowing the pain it was going to cause from letting go, all the obstacles I was going to face (which I learned to embrace). I took the leap of faith and started to learn and unleash all I had hidden and stored inside to discovering “WHO I AM”. This has been a process, and all worthwhile. I embrace all of my life experiences, the good and the not so good (in which I would’t change) It is because of all these life experiences that I have the strength to keep moving forward, as I look upward reaching my dreams. I look  forward to sharing with you my journey as I continue walking, learning and growing experiencing my new heights. Blessings To All!