I Remember

I remember when I surrender to God I had a vision. The vision was so beautiful. The scene was at a waterfall, I was a little girl, my hair was long and a mess. My clothes were ripped, my body was bruised with open wounds, some with scabs, others were still bleeding. I was walking up to God with my head down in shame. When I got close to Him, He reached out His hands. I was crying. He knelt down and held me and told me ” I’m right here My precious daughter, I’ve been waiting for you”. He comforted me. After a week of feeling the pain of my wounds and brokenness, My next vision was, He took me to a river where He bathed me, He put a healing balm on  my wounds,  and He clothed me in the most cutest white dress. We sang, we prayed, we laughed and He spun me around as I danced. I remember the beauty in me, I was so sparkly, full of joy and peace. I’ve never felt so happy in my life. I experienced His love, as I never did before. We walked up mountains, went through the wilderness, and experienced a storm. I LOVE that I remember this as if it was today. I hold on to this memory in my heart and keep in my mind. I LOVE YOU Lord,  Your Princess Lourdes