The Treasure Of A Friendship

The Treasure Of A Friendship

Friendship is the springboard to every other love and the foundation for every healthy relationship. We were created to need each other. This truth is never more evident than when we are in pain or struggling with some circumstances in life.. When I think back some people counted themselves as my friend when in reality they were just simply acquaintances because that was all I allowed them to be. My pride kept me from admitting I wasn’t superwoman and that I did need the help of others, My insecurity held me back from reaching out to new friends. To admit my need of a friend seemed like a weakness instead of the precious gift God created it to be. I refused to take the risk of being hurt, rejected, or misunderstood. I didn’t have time to invest in building intimate friendships and was too busy to be a friend and as a result when the darkness hit, I felt isolated and alone. Friendship took an entirely different meaning in my life today. They pray for me, hold me accountable and comfort me when they see my priorities lining up in the wrong way. My true friends have me stop and take time for fun. They have taught me to see things clear. Now… Have I’ve been hurt along the way? Yes. Have I been misunderstood? Yes. Have my friendships been worth the price? Absolutely. Roses are beautiful and people who know me are aware of the fact that I can kill any plant. But their thorns can inflict a lot of pain. I see now how a beautiful rose is worth the wound it gives and I have learned to handle roses with respect and in such a way that my own wounds are few. I treasure my intimate friendships and we know that we are here for each other and only a phone call away. Blessings to all my beautiful friends!