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The world needs our power, love and energy and each of us has something that we can give. The trick is to find it, use it and give it away so there will be more. We can be lights for each other and through each others illuminations we will see the way. We live in a world that is in a state of need for gaining power against all odds. If that means, compromising on our own morals and losing all self respect in doing so… So be it! Right? Not really…  If any of our decisions and actions are a personal gain, with the “no matter what” attitude attached to it, its not just morally wrong but psychological and emotional wrong. We blame the world, the government, the officials, we literally blame everyone and everything for our problems. But have we ever thought of looking within? Have we ever thought of how we can be a positive light in this world?  Yes, there is darkness, corruption, a whole lot of wrong around us…And I agree to that. But, there is a lot of love and a lot of compassion within us, should we choose to live authentically. We can be the light not only to ourselves but for all those around us. If we choose to be the light and live a loving, caring and compassionate existence, our light will most definitely eradicate all darkness.  The way to be a candle of light is to Love. Love with all your heart and soul and everything that exists within you, rather than pull each other down on the road to power and success. Lets hold each others hands and get there together.

Defining Myself

I define myself by the courage I’ve found to forge new roads, Not by how many obstacles have appeared in my path.

I define myself by the forgiveness and the faith I have found to begin again, Not by how many disappointments I’ve faced.

I define myself by how much I have loved and been willing to love again, Not by how long a relationship lasted.

I define myself by how many times I have struggled to my feet, Not how many times I have been knocked down.

I am not my pain

I am not my past

I am a unique individual that has emerged from the fire.

Amusement Park

Sometimes our lives can look a lot like a theme park. Sometimes we don’t get to choose what ride we’re going on. Although God loves us, He does not shelter us from life calamities. Just one call, a job termination, a fierce storm, or a bad medical report can catapult us from a smooth sailing voyage to a haunting ride we never imagined. Within minutes our high spirits can turn into desperate pleads to escape the situation. But though in the midst of this, we can trust God is with us. Just because were facing challenging difficulties doesn’t mean that God has turned His back on us. During these times it’s imperative that we hold tightly to our hope in The Lord, (Isaiah 40:31) Our faith, trust, and hope in Him will enable us to rise above the bleak circumstances encompassing us”. As we faithfully place our circumstances in The Lords hands, He will renew our strength, lift our spirits, and give us His peace.Believe wholeheartedly and profess out loud that God is going to have us mounting a lovelier ride soon. If God has us on a joyful expedition, do not look down on those that are facing hardships. Be sensitive, sincere, and offer help. (Eccl 7:14) “When times are good, Be happy, but when times are bad consider, God has made the one as well as the other, Therefore, a man can not discover anything about his future”. We don’t know what any given day may bring. No matter what ride we’re currently on, always hang tightly to your hope in The Lord, He will fill our heart and mind with His amazing love and peace, which will safely bring us through the unpredictable theme park of life.


Lord, Thank You for being with me each day, I know You are with me in good times and in difficulties as well. Holy Spirit, help me to be sensitive to others facing difficulties. Lord, I seek to reach out to comfort those by the same comfort You have given me. In Jesus Name, Amen

In Him, Lourdes