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Dip In The Waters Of Forgiveness

So today I find myself having to dip in the waters of forgiveness. After letting go of a relationship that wasn’t serving me or healthy for me I’m forgiving the person that has hurt me. Why you may ask? Because I know how my heart beat is. Imagine some of the arteries flowing blood to and from the heart are blocked. The pumping is weak and everything is getting congested. That’s what unforgiveness does in our soul. Its a soul toxin because it blocks us from giving or receiving love. Today God is inviting me to bathe in His waters of forgiveness and let the love flow freely again. Forgiving = releasing. This changes when we release our hurt. I imagine my hurt like dirt covering my skin and when I forgive is like the water washes it off. I just stand under the shower of forgiveness choosing to release their debt until the hurt and bitterness is washed away.

Listen to understand

Proverbs 18:2  “A fool has no delight in understanding but in expressing his own heart”.

Its so easy to play the part of a fool when we are dealing with a strained/broken relationship. Instead of trying to understand the other person, we feel like we want to make the person understand our hurt. We are to listen and understand the other person to reach a mutual peace, instead of wanting to express our opinions,our hurts and our reasons, (The Bible says this is the way a fool behaves). Well I’m going to stand in the front of the line and say “I’ve been that fool more than once”. Once we have listened and understood, we are to say “I’ve listened to you,I’ve heard you and I’m sorry”  Period! “Forgive me”. Its amazing how we tend to choke on these words. Its shocking to realize how few people know how to give a proper apology. We offer the Rose of the apology by handing it thorn end first. Don’t play the fool – Listen to Understand