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Free To Be Okay

Did you ever wonder if its okay not to be okay? I know I have many of times. But the truth is… we are free to not be okay. It’s okay to feel bummed. We can’t be joyous all the time. We have our reasons, whether is a memory we think about that makes us sad and we feel a sense of sadness, a loss of a loved one in a breakup, Or a feeling that just surfaces and we just can’t understand it. It’s okay to feel this way. We should allow ourselves to feel sad, cry or be angry, It relieves the pressure of pretending, putting on a mask to hide the feelings that actually exist. Knowing this truth allows us to be real and relaxed, It frees us from the miserable unquenchable pursuit to make something of ourselves by using others. The tension comes from the burden of the hidden secrets we store inside ourselves. So let’s free ourselves to… Its okay to not be okay.

Remembering the wounds and brokenness

Today I have been reflecting on how deeply wounded and so broken I was 5 years ago. I felt lost and had no hope. After my divorce from a marriage that lasted 22 years, I gave up. I was angry, hurt and  felt abandoned, rejected, and not worthy. This all changed when I surrendered my will to God’s will. I discovered and learned how to nurture and love myself because I was seeking acceptance, love and approval from others, placing myself in relationships with people that were just as wounded and broken as I was. I took about a year off from relationships, and started to spend some “me” time. This in its self was an amazing adventure. I dealt with past wounds from when I was 7 years old and all through now adulthood. (old and new wounds). I thought I was doing  pretty well living with these wounds and they didn’t affect me (Wrong). They were tucked and hidden so deep that they became numb. Through my healing process, they each surfaced one by one, remained for a time as I relived each one  again, Sometimes I cried uncontrollably, at other times I was angry. I allowed myself to feel angry and sad. I faced every one in the face as if it happened today, I was able to release all the feelings I had penned up inside. Today I feel healthy and free. I no longer have bondage, I’m no longer insecure or afraid. Today I’m happy to say that I feel not only free and healthy, also secure, loved, and living bold. Through this life experience I have the opportunity to help others in this same situation. I walk along side woman that are lost like I was, and very wounded and broken. I find by me being there for them and available 24/7, (whether its to cry together or just have a simple chat) it brings me such joy to my heart that I’m able to encourage them to hold God’s hand, not to give up, and press through the fire. This I share as its been very enlightening. I ask you ” How are You with yourself? Are you seeking love, acceptance, and approval from others? Or are you living a bold life feeling free and loved? If you would like to share your story, I would love to hear about it. either comment or email me @thebeautyinabutterfly@gmail.com, Blessings!  Lourdes