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Wisdom has been from mistakes, Failure has led to my growth, Abundance gratefully rises above the paths of my past.


Reading Sign Posts

I realize God lovingly pursues me. He has been showing me throughout my journey single word sign posts through conversations and visions. All these words I know are important, teaching me how to love, how to live and how to be free. I would like to share some single word sign post that He has shown me.

STAY: Sometimes He needs me to stay right where I am. I believe its because He’s working in me and there is no safer place than being with Him.

WAIT: I’m sure a lot of us have heard or seen this sign post before. Now more often than I like, He simply says “Wait”. I know sometimes we get impatient and we’re in a hurry, But He knows the best work takes time and He’s doing a good work inside of us, ( I try to remember He is never in a hurry).

GO: Even when I feel uncertain, confused or alone, I need to trust to “GO” believing He will make a way.

GRIEVE: There are times in life when it hurts so bad the only thing I can do is “GRIEVE”. I try not to fight it knowing my heart matters to Him and He’s healing it. So I allow myself time and space to grieve what hurts.

TRUST; This is actually something He has been telling me to do more often than not. This one I find hard to do at times with my actions and choices, even though I know in my mind I want to. Meaning- Trust: Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc. of a person or thing. Confidence. He is all of these. Integrity, strength, able, sure. Sometimes there is no action on my part.

BELIEVE; He whispers this one to me. Sometimes my current circumstance may make it clear that this is all I can do. To Believe, To have confidence in the truth.

PRAY: This one is a must do and yes it works. (James 5:16) ” The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

CELEBRATE: I believe He loves a good party, He gave us joy because He knows we need it, He is a God of joy. We have permission to find something worth celebrating. So lets hit the pause button on the drama in our life and just celebrate.


Listen to understand

Proverbs 18:2  “A fool has no delight in understanding but in expressing his own heart”.

Its so easy to play the part of a fool when we are dealing with a strained/broken relationship. Instead of trying to understand the other person, we feel like we want to make the person understand our hurt. We are to listen and understand the other person to reach a mutual peace, instead of wanting to express our opinions,our hurts and our reasons, (The Bible says this is the way a fool behaves). Well I’m going to stand in the front of the line and say “I’ve been that fool more than once”. Once we have listened and understood, we are to say “I’ve listened to you,I’ve heard you and I’m sorry”  Period! “Forgive me”. Its amazing how we tend to choke on these words. Its shocking to realize how few people know how to give a proper apology. We offer the Rose of the apology by handing it thorn end first. Don’t play the fool – Listen to Understand