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A Woman’s Dream

I believe God gives every woman a dream that is specially designed for her talents and His purpose, a dream only she can fulfill. It is with our faith to move forward as we will face obstacles that would keep us from His best for us. We will hear the enemies lies and we will feel discouraged, fatigued, impatient, and with unbelief. This is common because the closer our relationship with Him and fulfilling His purpose for our lives, the enemy will work harder. We simply walk in faith toward the destiny He has called us to do, keeping our focus on all the great things He has for us. I know these things as I have experienced it myself. I have been on some amazing adventures as I continue moving forward and regardless of my circumstances. I press through, walking confidently and avoid doubting Him.


He will do this

Ever wonder how self effort always hinders God’s work? As we pray with a confident trust in Him, He simply just wants us to wait in an attitude of praise, sitting still, doing nothing except trusting in Him. This at times causes a feeling of uncertainty with a tremendous temptation to take the battle into our own hands. know that its difficult for Him to fight our battles and work things out when we insist on trying to fight them or work on them ourselves. So often we fail to give Him the opportunity to work, not realizing that it takes time for Him to answer our prayers. Everything takes time, therefore we sow the seed He planted and bear fruit, waiting and trusting until His purpose has been fulfilled.