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Wisdom has been from mistakes, Failure has led to my growth, Abundance gratefully rises above the paths of my past.


Dancing With God

Dancing With God

So beautiful as my Heavenly Father is showing me visions today. We are walking along side the ocean, my toes feel the cold sand and the clear ocean water gently covering my feet. My smile is so innocent, my eyes are sparkling, I feel the beauty within me shining through. I have the happy in my heart and I know no one can take this away. He takes my hand and gently spins me around as I dance. (He knows how much I love to dance and be spun around and around), His touch is so warm and I feel His love, Ohhh how amazing His love feels like no other. As He whispers… “My Precious Princess, know that I love you, no one can take this way, He will need to ask me for your hand before I accept, This man will be True, He will honor and respect you and love you like I do”. How Lovely is this vision that My Father is showing me as He whispers to me. Thank you Father for Your love.

Dip In The Waters Of Forgiveness

So today I find myself having to dip in the waters of forgiveness. After letting go of a relationship that wasn’t serving me or healthy for me I’m forgiving the person that has hurt me. Why you may ask? Because I know how my┬áheart beat is. Imagine some of the arteries flowing blood to and from the heart are blocked. The pumping is weak and everything is getting congested. That’s what unforgiveness does in our soul. Its a soul toxin because it blocks us from giving or receiving love. Today God is inviting me to bathe in His waters of forgiveness and let the love flow freely again. Forgiving = releasing. This changes when we release our hurt. I imagine my hurt like dirt covering my skin and when I forgive is like the water washes it off. I just stand under the shower of forgiveness choosing to release their debt until the hurt and bitterness is washed away.