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Psalm 91 ” I am resting in the shadow of the Almighty. He covers me with His feathers. Under His wings I find refuge.”

Heavenly Father, How grateful we are for the rest that is found in Christ. You brought us forgiveness and relief and You asked us to rest in You. Thank You for the peace that accompanies this rest. Thank You for the freedom from worry. Thank You for carrying the weights that we used to carry on our shoulders, for giving us a thousand promises that become ours to claim, to grow in and to be comforted by.

Father, You have the ability, being Who You Are, to know each need in each heart and each concern in each mind. So we pause and release to You those things that have plagued us long enough. In doing so, we invite The Spirit of God to plow the soil of our souls so the seed of God’s Word can be sown, take root, and be watered in time as to produce spiritual abundance. We commit these valued moments to You, resting in You and may this allow us to be lost in wonder, love and praise. In Jesus’ Name Amen


Walking By Faith

Walking In Faith

Job 23:10
“He knows the way I take”

What confidence I have because of the way I take, This way of trials and tears, however winding, hidden, or tangled. “He knows”. When the furnace is heated hotter than usual, I know He still lights my way. He who knows and directs my steps. The furnace may be hot, but I trust the hand that lights the fire will not consume but only refine and when the refining process is complete not a moment too soon or late “I will come forth as gold”. When I feel God is further away, He is often the nearest to me. (Psalm 142:3) “When my spirit grows faint within me, it is You who know my way”